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WHAMANIA! has 12 band members: 8 musicians and 4 singers. Most of them are still young and have just finished (music) school, like George & Andrew when they started WHAM! in 1981. Others already have a longer career in the music industry. They all match perfectly: a high energy band with incredible positive vibes!


WHAMANIA! has an electrifying horn section of multiple trumpet players and a sax player. Very strong WHAM! songs like Freedom, Wake Me Up BeforeYou Go-Go, Young Guns and The Edge Of Heaven are driven by the power of the horn section. In Club Tropicana the horns come in with just the right melodic spice on each chorus of the song. The instrumental bridge isolating the slap bass and synth accents is sandwiched in between two jazzy acoustic piano solos. Most iconic sax solo ever is made for Careless Whisper. But also I'm Your Man, Freedom and The Edge Heaven would not be that strong if the saxophone was missing.
Martijn van Ditshuizen is a 22-year-old saxophonist who has participated in a large number of events, both in the Netherlands and abroad. You can find him on stage with rappers, singers, spoken word artists, DJ’s and in orchestral ensembles such as the Jong Metropole and the Vrienden Van Amstel Live Orkest. A real all-rounder who, if you keep an eye out, you might also come across on national television every now and then!
Jakob Lampert is a 26-year-old trumpet player from Austria who is based in the Netherlands. You can find him in any kind of setting from jazz over latin to classical music. He already has played and recorded several times for Austrian and Dutch Radio- and TV-Shows.

Lourens van der Zwaag is grateful for all the different musical opportunities he got so far in his career. Like playing with Young Metropole Orchestra, Son Mieux, Jeangu Macrooy, Gallowstreet, Jungle By Night, Benjamin Herman, Peter Guidi, Anton Goudsmit, Ack van Rooyen at BIMhuis, North Sea Jazz Festival, Tomorrowland, Zwarte Cross, Paradiso.


WHAMANIA! also has an electrifying rhythm section. The drums and bass provide the basic pulse and groove of a song. The section is augmented by keyboards and guitars that play the chord progression upon which the WHAM! songs are based. The bass generally is the link between the drums and piano, playing the foundation of the harmony and providing the rhythmic pulse.

George Michael could play bass – but it was Deon Estus who gave his songs groove and  who, according to Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp, helpt creating the sound of the 80s with his bass playing. Andrew Ridgeley commented when Dean passed way in 2021, he was a "lavishly gifted bass guitarist, a charismatic and impish character and a rock of the WHAM! rhythm section".  The young and ambitious WHAMANIA! band will honor that vibe and sound.

Songs like Everything She Wants, Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do), Last Christmas, Club Tropicana, I'm Your Man all have great solos by this rhythm section. A special role is not only for the bass player of WHAMANIA! Also the lead guitarist will show you what he has got!  And the keyboardist is also the bandleader.

Rens van Langen grew up on the small and quite musical island of Ameland and picked up his battle axe in the form of a bass. From there his path was clear and went to the conservatory, first studying Jazz in Zwolle and after then popular music at Codarts in Rotterdam. He has played with multiple artists and orchestras over the past few year and now it is his honor to interpret the amazing and tasteful basslines of Deon Estus in WHAMANIA!

Tim de Jong started his drumming journey when his parents gifted him a drumset at 2 years old. Now (24 years later) he is a well rounded session drummer who plays multiple styles of music. With his powerful and energetic style of playing he plays in a lot of bands and tours around The Netherlands.
Giovanni Molinari is a 24-years-old Italian musician and percussionist, currently living and studying in the Netherlands at Codarts, a well-known international music school. The long-lasting music studies and the remarkable live experience, mostly made of latin, folk and pop music, make him a complete musician. Passion and energy blend together in all of Giovanni’s work together with his powerful stage presence and emotions into the live music.
Rik Bruijn began playing guitar at 12 after drumming. He's played in various party and tribute bands, infusing his performances with dynamic energy and precision. Inspired by diverse influences, Rik's versatile style shines in every genre. With electrifying performances, he's become a standout talent in live entertainment.
Gerben van Etten started his musical journey in the classical world, but soon moved on to pop. He co-founded the award-winning band The Cosmic Carnival, is Artistic Director for Blaxtar and is bandleader and keyboardist for WHAMANIA!