Video Aspect Ratio: 9:4

Melany Sharon as "Pepsi" and as "Shirlie"

Melany Sharon studied at the Institute school for performing arts Lucia Marthas in Amsterdam. She is a singer and dancer from heart and soul and loves to combine shows with both of her passions. In 2016 she performed as a background singer and dancer during the Eurovision Song Contest for the Belgian team behind the artist "Laura Tesoro". That was one of the most amazing experiences she has ever had. She now brings a tribute to WHAM!  in her brilliant role as "Pepsi" and  as "Shirlie" to honor the most popular UK pop duo of the 80s and bring The Story of George & Andrew live on stage with sensational harmony vocals, a high energetic choreography and costume changes, performed with the 12-piece live band WHAMANIA!

Lize van der Laan as "Shirlie"

Lize van der Laan is a singer-songwriter living in Haarlem. Starting out dancing at a young age she followed her dreams to perform on a stage for a living, by going to the Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts. She graduated with a double bachelor and started working on the MS Amadea, also known as ‘Das Traumschiff’, as a lead singer and dancer. In 2019 she was on a Dutch television show called DanceSing where she found the fire to start writing her own songs. In ‘22 & ‘23 she starred as the supporting act of ‘Beste Zangers Live’ in Ahoy performing for 16.000 people. Now it’s on to the next adventure with WHAMANIA! where dancing and singing make her feel home to perform next to her "best friend Pepsi".

Oumnia Guigui as "Pepsi"

Oumnia Guigui is a Dutch singer and songwriter and backing vocalist. Born and raised in Zeeland, she started at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Enschede who's sensational journey led to a two-month residency to perform at the widely loved Palazzo Versace Dubai’s famous live music venue, Q’s Bar and Lounge, where she brought her soulful grit r&b and jazz vocals to the stage. Awarded as the ‘Best Live Music Bar’ in Dubai, Quincy Jones’ first-ever bar showcases world-class performances from emerging artists handpicked by the music legend himself who has won 28 Grammys across his career. But Oumnia started of the first shows of WHAMANIA! after she was casted as the "perfect Pepsi" to bring a tribute to WHAM! together with the "perfect Shirlie".

Elique Curiel as "Pepsi"

Just like Helen "Pepsi" DeMacque, the former singer & dancer in the 80s UK popband WHAM!, Elique Curiel is also originating from the Caribbeans. Elique will remind you of the unique performances of Pepsi from "Pepsi & Shirlie" where both girls were a key figure next to George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. As close friends altogether they conquered the world performing all over Europe, Australia, Japan and The United States. Elique Curiel's story unfolds from the vibrant shores of Curaçao to the bustling music scene of the Netherlands. Her voice found resonance in the ZO! Gospel Choir, paving the way for countless opportunities leading her to share stages with artists like Mariah Carey, Gregory Porter and Hugh Jackman. Elique's musical footprint and passion spans genres, enriching each performance with her embodiment of musical dynamism.